Sunday, January 23, 2011

Knitting in Class . . .

So I had my first day of Doula Training yesterday. Day 2 today. I'm sure I will write more about it once I've digested a little bit (maybe even a spin-off blog? since it's not exactly crafty). But there was one moment yesterday that was actually craft related.

As an ice-breaker sort of thing, we were paired up with different people in the class and had to find 3 things that we had in common. Then with another person and had to find 3 MORE things we had in common. Then with a group of people and find 2 things we had in common, etc. etc. So I was paired with this one girl, and we were chatting, and she asked, "ok, what do you like to do for fun," and I, of course, said knitting. And she had just learned how this year, so we were chatting about that. When we came back together as a group, the instructor asked what we had found out, and we said that we both knit, and this is what the instructor said:

"Oh! That's wonderful! I knit too! And, in fact, if you want to knit during class, that's fine, I love it. I wish I could knit while teaching. This week has been crazy. It's the first week of the semester, and with all the changes, people swapping classes, I'm in withdrawal . . ."

She showed us one of her knitted Uteruses.