Monday, January 24, 2011

Knitted Storage Containers

Forgive the snagging, but this is amazing.

yodafatkitty may be my new favorite person, in that she had a whole post about knitted storage containers, pattern links included. And she also kept talking about her Starbucks mug. So from the one post, I have deduced that she loves 1) knitting, 2) storage containers, and 3) Starbucks. In short, my favorite person.


yodafatkitty said...

Hey, I just know found this and no worries, as I snagged it myself.
I've been playing around with the blog and I've landed at wordpress from blogger.

Thanx for the mention!

yodafatkitty said...

Wow, I am just now seeing this?? Oh lame does that make me??
I vaguely remember something now that I think about it.
I've moved my blog from blogger to wordpress.
Love yours!